On Thursday 26th November 2015 PSL will be attending the ISPE UK Affiliate Annual Conference which is being held at the Crowne Plaza in Liverpool. Our European Sales Manager Sylvain Querol will be attending the ISPE Conference and will be there to discuss all your enquires about ...
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Optimum Heat Uniformity for Enhanced Drying           Vacuum drying oven remains a needed technology during drug development and lab scale studies. With the development of agitated filter dryer for lab scale production, process experts predicted the end of tray drying technology. However static drying happens to be …
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PSL’s CakeStand Tray Dryer design overcomes the inherent difficulties of traditional tray dryers. This unique vacuum drying oven allows capacities from kilograms to large-scale production thanks to its modular design and results in superior drying time thanks to a uniform direct heating system. __________________________________________________________________________ The heating uniformity of the CakeStand …
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Tray Dryers

Thursday Mar 1, 2012 Under Technology updates
New Tray Drying Technology PSL's new CakeStand tray dryer provides exceptional drying abilities through a unique heat transfer system, generating total heat uniformity across all heating plates. The CakeStand tray dryer has been expertly designed by experienced process engineers to target optimum drying ability, enhanced ergonomics and easy cleaning. The …
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