With 27 years experience in the Pharma industry, PSL has some interesting thoughts to share with you.   Single Shot Targeted Vaccine Single shot targeted vaccine with controlled release microsphere formulation To read the full story on Process India click here       Latest trends in High ...
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Engineering house combines high containment isolator with hygienic and efficient pharmaceutical sieving solution to provide customized unit With a reputation as one of the original pioneers of containment technology, Powder Systems Limited (PSL) hold a wealth of experience designing and engineering advanced containment processes, supplying customized process ...…
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On Wednesday 16th November, PSL Containment specialist Sylvain Querol will discuss how you can achieve high containment for HPAPI production? Presenting at the HPAPI World Congress 2016 in Basel, Switzerland.
(930) Antibodies, Biosimilars & HPAPI 1.2 H
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Hear from Pierre Landais, Tendering Manager PSL Asia-Pacific Powder Systems Limited (PSL) Asia-Pacific manager, Pierre Landais, will present on Thursday 25th August 2016, during the Aseptic Process & Technology plenary session, on the hot topic of Sterile Manufacturing of Polymeric Microsphere Drug Delivery Devices. PSL has ...
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Sylvain Querol EU Tendering Manager Many containment solutions are now available to enclose industrial scale production of highly potent ingredients, but Sylvain Querol, PSL, looks at containment strategies for smaller scale work during early stage drug research and development. Cleanroom Technology, 7th ...
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