PSL’s latest GFD discount offer

Wednesday Sep 14, 2016 Under Latest News
Lab Scale filtration and drying made easy with GFD®,  lab nutsche filter dryer.  The MINI LAB and LAB GFD's are on offer, available while current stocks last. Suitable for any laboratories' needs The GFD’s technology supersedes dated methods such as Buchner filtration allowing ...…
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  Don't miss your chance to see the PSL USA team in the US during two major scientific events:   Join us at the ISPE Annual Meeting in Philadelphia and see our Glass Filter Dryer (GFD). Find us with JM ...
ISPE Phily
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PSL Deals, Product of the Month

Monday Dec 1, 2014 Under Latest News
Lab scale filtration and drying made easy with PSL's GFD, on offer during December 2014. The GFD is a miniature version of a production filter dryer allowing easy lab scale filtration, washing  and drying with the same reliability and benefits as full size agitated nutsche filter dryers.   The GFDis …
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