Reliable and efficient high containment continues to be a challenge for the pharma industry. Maurice Pitcher, CEO of Powder Systems Ltd (PSL), a specialist in pharmaceutical containment, looks at the main hurdles and outlines some key considerations. ______________________________________________________________________ Original Article was featured in Clean Room Technology-  March 2012
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PSL's latest OEL test results have achieved <20 ng/m³ in the sampling period across 3 validation runs* for the Dispensing Isolator. A summary of the test results is viewable by clicking 'read more'. Summary of OEL test results for PSL Dispensing Isolator by an Independent Industrial Hygiene Laboratory: …
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A common challenge with all high-quality isolator design is to achieve good lux levels for operator efficiency and cleaning inspection. It can be even more demanding to obtain this standard in electrically hazardous areas due to the bulky nature of equipment with this rating. PSL has utilised an ...
Dispensing Isolator
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