PSL developed in collaboration with Capsugel a high containment isolator integrating the Xcelodose®, a powder precision dosing at very low powder fill weights. See Capsugel-PSL Case Study ( ) or visit our website ( to know more about the Xceloprotect™ development story.

Following the acquisition of Penn Pharma, PCI Pharma Services’ comprehensive pharmaceutical development service offering includes the production of drug in capsule/vial using Xceloprotect technology. The Xcelodose technology ensures safety and prevents operator exposure to potent products by the installation of the Xceloprotect isolator. The high levels of containment afforded by this equipment ensures an occupational exposure limit (OEL) down to ˂0.1µg/m3 over an eight-hour time weighted average meeting the intended regulations for Safebridge 3 and 4 applications.

Commenting on the Xcelodose technology, David O’Connell, PCI’s Director of Pharmaceutical Development, said: “Housed within PCI’s new containment facility at Tredegar, South Wales, the Xcelodose microdosing unit enables us to offer a premium service to our clients. PCI is continually investigating and investing in ways in which we can accelerate the manufacture of our clients’ products, while maintaining our uncompromising commitment to safety and quality.”

Read the full article about PCI Tredegar investment here (,4JWIY,44F3I4,GVMDZ,1)

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